My photo shoot with Kevin Mark Pass

The beginning of the shoot is always awkward but later on you loosen up and it just starts to feel natural.

Love this picture because it’s just so in the moment!

My photo shoot with Kevin Mark Pass

On my Journey some will be happy and others won’t

I am  Mrs South Africa Semi finalist yes I knew a lot of things will change and there are other things that will stay the same. The whole point of this journey is to stretch me and take me out of my comfort zone. A zone of pleasing others and seeking their approval. Well I’m am done with that. It’s enough…. This is my destiny and I will not let anyone stand in my way of accomplishing what I had worked hard for. What I had waited for all these years. I have been patient and I have put myself last on the list. This had made people happy and see me letting go of myself because it made them feel better and secure. Now I have broken out of that glass bubble and I am standing up for me. I don’t need your approval. It’s either your in or your not. At least they have shown their true colours earlier than expected.

This is my Journey to walk I am strong enough to walk it with out the so called support. Support that’s in any case only there if it suits them or if they comfortable…


On my Journey some will be happy and others won’t

To blog or not to blog

Well I had a feeling that March was going to be a big change maker for me. A month where dreams are most likely to be realised!!!

Watch this space. I am a woman on a mission!

I must say that blogging is not an entirely new concept to me. I started a blog in 2009 but lost interest as I was not sure what to blog about. I had no content or much inspiration at that time,but I knew that what ever I blog about would be relevant to my passions and interests in my life.

So it all came down to the day I entered Mrs South Africa at age 34. I made it to the top 100 😅 I had a second chance to achieving a childhood dream.

It became evident that Blogging was now the new “It” thing and everyone had a blog.

I have now decided to restart that old spark to blog because know I actually have something exciting and inspiring to blog about.

I am going to share my journey as a Mrs South Africa Semi finalist 2017 with you.

More if that tomorrow I am off to bed.

Goodnight sleep tight.💌

To blog or not to blog